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Nuclear Corp. Karate
BAALO12 165 Pluto
Pluto in Phase 73
English name Nuclear Corp. Karate
Users Pluto
Related martial arts Solar System Karate Federation
Debut Phase 73

Nuclear Corp. Karate is a style of Space Karate that is affiliated with the Solar System Karate Federation (SSKF) and is practiced by Pluto.


Pluto was one of the representatives of the SSKF who arrived on Ketheres in response to Zekka's call to fill out the reserve roster spots for the Space Karate Forces prior to the Block-B Semifinals. During the free for all that Zekka had all the karatekas who showed up undertake as a means of trying out, Pluto first fought a dog-headed karateka, managing to survive the first ten minutes of the brawl. Taraba then leaped into the air and impacted the ground with Squilla Blow, throwing several karatekas into the air and throwing up a massive mushroom cloud. Pluto and Cube then challenged him, but he fended off their attacks with Super-carapace Sanchin. The technique blew them both back, with Pluto losing the lower half of his left leg and Cube his right arm.