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Olympus Spaceport
BAALO03 89 Olympus Spaceport
Olympus Spaceport in Phase 15.
Affiliations LADDER
Mars Kingdom Parliament (temporary)
Part of Mars
Type Spaceport
Debut Phase 15

Olympus Spaceport (オリンポス宇宙港 Orinposu Uchū Minato?) is the sole public spaceport on Mars. It is operated by the LADDER-sponsored Olympus Payline Company. After being seized by the Neo-Third Reich Division, it was recaptured during Operation Hagel.


The spaceport is located in a caldera on Olympus Mons, the largest mountain on Mars. It has four fields surrounding a central area. Four buildings in this area, the Central Tower, Echo Building, November Dome, and Sierra Dome, were targets for hostage rescue during Operation Hagel.


Four months before the start of the Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT) in ES 591, the Neo-Third Reich Division seized control of Olympus, damaging the spaceport and taking thousands of hostages. The topic of the spaceport's capture was raised a month later at LADDER session, with the Venusian and Jovian delegations presenting opposing solutions. Aga Mbadi invited a Mars Kingdom Parliament delegation led by Queen Limeira to present their ideas. What resulted from the session was the agreement to launch a joint military operation involving LADDER, the Kingdom Parliament, and the Jovian-sponsored Mars Front der Befreien and Venusian-sponsored Mars Republik Heer.

BAALO14 34-35 Operation Hagel

Olympus Spaceport during Operation Hagel in Phase 83.

After the Kingdom Parliament delegation rendezvoused with a corps of NEW ORDER troops on Leviathan I and returned to Mars, Operation Hagel was launched. While the operation was successful, the Sierra Dome was damaged and 1,000 hostages were lost. The Kingdom Parliament was subsequently granted temporary control of Olympus[1] and shuttle flights by Olympus Express resumed. During Round 2 of the ZOTT, the Stellar Nursery Society was able to obtain asylum when the SNS Guntroll made a run for Olympus in the middle of the match.


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