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Omega Society
BAALO12 149 Zakuro
Zakuro in Phase 73
Japanese name オメガ会
Romanized name Omega-kai
English name Omega Society
Users Zakuro
Related martial arts Space Karate
Debut Phase 73

Omega Society is a style of Space Karate that was practiced by Zakuro. It is not mentioned to be affiliated with either the Solar System Karate Federation or the Universe Karate Federation.


More than a hundred space karatekas attempted to join the Space Karate Forces as reserve members before the Block-B semifinals of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament in ES 591. During the free for all that Zekka had them undertake as a means of trying out, Zakuro joined three other karatekas, Mercury, Amin, and Ganga, in taking on Rakan, who they recognized as a wanted criminal. Collectively agreeing to take him out for the honour of the karate world, all four attacked simultaneously, but all except Mercury fell to Rakan's Finger Thrust without even touching him.