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Operation Hagel
BAALO14 34-35 Operation Hagel
Olympus Spaceport during Operation Hagel in Phase 83.
Date ES 591
Location Olympus Spaceport
  • Recapture of Olympus Spaceport
  • Appearance of Frau X and annihilation of Alpha Team and Squad Q
  • At least 1,000 hostages killed
Affiliations involved


  • Erica (known at the time as Frau X)
  • Kirbitzer
  • Neo-Third Reich Division combat robots
Appearance Phase 83

Operation Hagel (オペラーション:ハーゲル Operāshon: Hāgeru?) (German for "hail") was a military operation to recover Olympus Spaceport from the Neo-Third Reich Division in ES 591. It was a joint effort between LADDER and the other three Martian factions, the Mars Kingdom Parliament, Mars Front der Befreien (MFB), and Mars Republik Heer (MRH). While successful, it also saw the appearance of the powerful and mysterious Künstler, Frau X, later revealed to be Erica.


Four months before the start of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT) in ES 591, the Division seized Olympus Spaceport, taking thousands of hostages in the process. This topic was raised a month later at a LADDER session that was spied on by Alita and Ping Wu. Because the spaceport was operated by the LADDER-funded Olympus Payline Company, LADDER was in favor of its recapture. When the Jovian proposal to bomb the Olympus was met with a Venusian protest that it had to be kept intact, Aga Mbadi called in a delegation of the Mars Kingdom Parliament led by Queen Limeira to weigh in. Despite Jovian and Venusian objections to their presence, the delegation gained approval to spearhead a joint operation to recapture Olympus. Following the LADDER session, Limeira and her retinue rendezvoused with a corps of New Order troops on Leviathan I before proceeding to Mars.

The operation[]

BAALO14 41 Operation Hagel

The allied command and control centre during Operation Hagel in Phase 83.

Hagel was launched a month before the start of the ZOTT. The following units participated:

  • Venus Foreign Legion
    • Squad Q was engaged and wiped out by Frau X, resulting in Alpha Team being sent to support them.

K Truppe and Gespenst later got mixed up in fighting each other, which resulted in Federation Party 886's intervention. During the battle Frau X killed over 30 elite soldiers from the various factions, with Zazie being the only person to survive an encounter with her.


Despite the intervention of Frau X and the escape of the Division's commander, Captain Kirbitzer, Hagel was successful. The Mars Kingdom Parliament gained temporary control over Olympus, which allowed them to later grant asylum to the Stellar Nursery Society during Round 1 of the ZOTT.[1]


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