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Operation Lawnmower
BAALO05 60 Operation Lawnmower
Jovian warships bombarding Szeged in Phase 27.
English name Operation Lawnmower
Date ES 591
Location Asteroid belt
Outcome Destruction of Szeged; the Stellar Nursery Society becomes a team in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament
Affiliations involved
Appearance Phase 27

Operation Lawnmower was a military operation launched by the Jupiter System Union in ES 591. Its objective was to counteract the increasing neonatal survival rate in the asteroid belt.


The Jovians planned to launch Lawnmower after the results of a census of the asteroid belt showed that the rates of Methuselyzation were comparatively low and the birthrate was what they considered considered "exceedingly high", especially in the minor colonies.[1] Consequently, during a session of LADDER, the Jovian delegation gave notice that it planned to take large-scale military action, including a hunt for juveniles. Venusian objections to the military nature of this plan were ignored by the Jovians as their stance was that they hold all rights to the asteroid belt.

A month before the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament, Jovian warships attacked Szeged, the home base of the Stellar Nursery Society (SNS), having successfully lured away the SNS Guntroll. Although the Guntroll returned, it was too late to stop the attack. Laib, who had remained on Szeged, was able to load the children there into storage units, which he launched at the Guntroll with his railsuit. While Getz and Koen provided cover, the storage units were secured. Laib was killed when Szeged was destroyed, although the remains of his suit were later recovered. Because they were unable to receive asylum from some of the nearby asteroid nations, the SNS became a team in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament to receive the immunity granted to tournament participants.


  1. Phase 15 - The Jovians present their plan at the LADDER session.