Operation Maulwurf was a covert strike conducted by the Jupiter System Union and elite fighting Kammer Gruppe of Grunthal. The objective was to destroy the alliance of the Earth Orbital Federation and République Vénus during the Terraforming Wars. The assault was to take place against the supercomputer "king" of the EOF, Melchizedek on Tiphares, which overseas operations of the entirety of the EOF, but by injecting a virus Program Guinevere into the system, sending the EOF colony ships to smash into their ally Venus, and Venus used its Asteroid Missiles to stop the attack by destroying the ships and caused the destruction of almost all the Leviathan Colony Ships and its inhabitants in what is now known as the Camranh Tragedy.

Operation Maulwurf also had a second objective, the destruction of the Earth Orbital Ring and the Sky Cities of Tiphares and Ketheres. This however, was not successful even though massive damage was done in the assault, for example the destruction of the support tower connecting Tiphares and the Scrapyard cities below. Grunthal's attack was stopped by forces yet unknown, but some attributed the interference by Gareude as one factor in the failure of this portion of the operation.

It was still unclear why such a massive loss of life was deemed acceptable and necessary to the JSU and Grunthal, the idea that 1) Venus would see the Leviathan attack by Earth as a reason to break their alliance or 2) the killing of so many EOF citizens by Venus asteroid missiles would also cause Earth to break with Venus, but in their failure to completely knock out their enemies and shocked at the power of Grunthal and its ability and willingness to cause massive loss of lives, the JSU disavowed their role in the operation, and Yoko's capture by Caerula Sanguis revealed Grunthal's hand and was blamed for it, leading to all three major solar system powers to call a truce in their war and jointly attack Grunthal on Mars. Grunthal's eventual destruction via massive orbital bombardment, and the breakup of any unified Martian government, resulted in Mars falling into a long proxy civil war with the various powers backing their own factions. Yoko was tried as a war criminal and executed via orbital drop and atmospheric immolation, but she miraculously survived and crashed into the Scrapyard, seemingly lost to time until Ido found her.

There are theories as to why Operation Maulwurf was devised and approved. The revelation by Desty Nova that all citizens of Tiphares have their human brains removed and replaced by neural chips, their real brains used to feed Melchizedek (now relocated to Ketheres to run LADDER), and that the people of the EOF are essentially immortal and inequality and injustice can be permanently institutionalized against organic humans by cybernetic humans, may have convinced Grunthal to act. Grunthal may have, in Operation Maulwurf, failed to defend what is to be truly human. The immortals now rule over humanity, with no morality nor compassion for organic life. The Jupiter Systems Union, Republique Venus, and Earth Orbital Federation (later transitioned into LADDER), are all populated by artificial life forms with unnaturally extended life spans. Struggle has become entertainment, mortality has become a sideshow, and humanity an amusement. It was that which Grunthal fought so hard to preserve, but they were betrayed by the Jupiter Systems Union in a cold, calculating logic of self-preservation when Maulwurf did not end the war for them as intended.