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Operation Maulwurf (German for "Operation Mole") was a covert strike conducted by the Jupiter System Union and elite fighting Kammer Gruppe of Grünthal.


The objective was to destroy the alliance of the Earth Orbital Federation and République Vénus during the Terraforming Wars. The assault was to take place against the supercomputer "king" of the EOF, Melchizedek on Tiphares, which overseas operations of the entirety of the EOF, but by injecting a virus Program Guinevere into the system, sending the EOF colony ships to smash into their ally Venus, and Venus used its Asteroid Missiles to stop the attack by destroying the ships and caused the destruction of almost all the Leviathan Colony Ships and its inhabitants in what is now known as the Camlann Tragedy.


The Operation was a partial failure due to Yoko confronting Caerula Sanguis in battle and getting captured. This revealed Grünthal's hand in the operation, which caused the JSU to disavow everything and Grünthal was blamed for the tragedy, leading to all three major solar system powers to call a truce in their war and jointly attack Grünthal on Mars. Grünthal's eventual destruction via massive orbital bombardment. Despite the Terraforming War ending shortly after Operation Maulwurf and the destruction of Grünthal, the long proxy civil war on Mars with the various powers backing their own factions continued to rage, even to present day. Yoko was tried as a war criminal and executed via orbital drop and atmospheric immolation, but she survived thanks to her brains cells being filled with a special polymer resin instead of water, and crashed into the Scrapyard, seemingly lost to time until Ido found her.

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