Battle Angel Alita Wiki

As the flagship manga of the franchise, Battle Angel Alita has been adapted into various other media. In chronological order, these are:

  • Battle Angel (OVA) - In 1993 the first two graphic novels were adopted into a 2 episode OVA that presents an alternate story and introduces several non-canon elements. Most non-Japanese fans of the series are familiar with the OVA as it was released internationally. Two soundtracks were also produced that were only released in Japan.
  • Gunnm (novel) - A novelization by Yasuhisa Kawamura released only in Japan in 1997 after the end of the manga. It presents an alternate story of Gally's early time in the Scrapyard and is illustrated by Yukito Kishiro, who discusses the character Calico in Gunnm Works.
  • Gunnm: Martian Memory - An action RPG for the PlayStation released only in Japan in 1998. It largely follows the story in the manga with several changes, most notably a different ending in which Gally competes in a fighting tournament on Ketheres and journeys to Mars. This alternate ending formed the basis for the manga sequel, Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.
  • Gunnm 3D special - A short CG animation of Gally playing motorball that was included with Gunnm: Complete Edition Vol. 6, released in August 2000. Outside of Japan the Complete Edition was only released in France by Glénat Manga.
  • Ars Magna - A bilingual artbook featuring the Battle Angel Alita series from the beginning up through the beginning of Mars Chronicle along with Kishiro's other works, including Aqua Knight.
  • Alita: Battle Angel - A film adaptation produced by James Cameron, a big fan of the manga, and Jon Landau, directed by Robert Rodriguez. It was released on February 14, 2019.

The other related manga, Ashen Victor, Gunnm: Another Stories, and Last Order have yet to be adopted into other media. Another Stories has not been translated into English.