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Otti (オツテイ Ootei?) was a member of the Bradley Shelter. He was the first human killed by the Type-V mutants after they met Arthur Farrell.


Otti was a young, fair skinned man with fair hair. He wore the warm Eskimo clothing favored by the residents of the Bradley Shelter.


After the survivingType-V mutants encountered Arthur Farrell in ES 126, he took Vilma Fachiri to see his grandfather John. Jacco, who had been nursing a suspicion of Vilma for 50 years following the death of Zapolska at the hands of Arthur's great-grandfather Keiran, secretly followed them. He came across and killed Otti, who was posted on lookout duty in a watchtower.[1] Vilma and Arthur later came upon Jacco with Otti's body and he revealed his suspicions of Vilma. This led to a fight between them that Vilma barely won. Her decision not to return to Victor Byron that night set the stage for their eventual confrontation.