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Paladin was a motorballer and a narcotics addict who murdered Alita Ido, the daughter of Dyson Ido as he broke into Dyson Ido's clinic late at night trying to obtain a potent painkiller for his addiction.


  • Paladin was portrayed by Casper Van Dien, who also portrayed Johnny Rico in the sci-fi film Starship Troopers.

Relation to the manga[]

The manga counterpart of Dyson Ido, named Daisuke Ido, had no marriage or children, he did have a close relationship known as Carol, for whom he tried to preserve her life by cybernetic body transplantation.  Carol, like Alita Ido, served as a tragic inspiration of sorts, in the case of Dyson Ido, the murder of Alita Ido became his motivation to be Alita's father, in the case of Carol's death, it motivated Ido to become a cyberphysician.