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BAALO12 152 Palmite
A palmite created by Zekka out of a glass bottle in Phase 73.
Type Extremely rare object
Creator Only the most highly skilled martial artists, such as Zekka
Users Collectors
Debut Phase 73

A palmite, sort for "Palm Strike Trilobite", known in Japan as a tegateito (テガテイト?), is an extremely rare yet highly sought after object that can only be created by the most skilled martial artists. One is created when an object is struck so fast by hand against a solid surface that it molds into the shape of the striker's hand. Because very few in the entire Solar System can achieve this, a palmite is "worth several million at auction".[1]


Zekka created two palmites when addressing the prospective space karatekas who wanted to join the Space Karate Forces as reserve members before the Block-B Semifinals of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament in ES 591. The first was out of a bottle of Mothman TNT Beer that he had finished. The second was from the head of Buttkiss after he had tried to ingratiate himself with Zekka and kowtowed to him.