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BAALO08 187 Pendragon
An old photograph showing the Pendragon team with their creation in Phase 49.
Type Quantum brain simulator
Purpose Verification of Roger Penrose's quantum brain hypothesis
Creator Research team led by Keiran Farrell
Users United States military
Debut Phase 49

Pendragon (ペンドラゴン Pendoragon?) was the predecessor of Merlin. A quantum brain simulator, it was created by a team of researchers led by Keiran Farrell in ES 49 to verify Roger Penrose's quantum brain hypothesis. When Keiran discovered data that appeared to predict real world events, the United States military stepped in and funded a team to research whether Pendragon could predict the future. This led to the creation of Merlin.[1]


Pendragon was named after Uther Pendragon, beginning the Arthurian theme of the technology surrounding the Geo Catastrophe and its aftermath.