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BAA03 177 Peshkavus
Peshkavus in Battle 17
Status Deceased
Number 13
League Second
Nicknames "Dirty", "Dirty Tricks"
Debut Killing Angel, Battle 17

Peshkavus is a Second League motorball player who is a henchman of the Second League champion Armblessed.


He is a crouching-style model like Skaramasakus, built low to the ground to minimize wind resistance.


Peshkavus lives up to his nickname of "Dirty Tricks" during Alita’s Second League debut race by following Armblessed’s orders to take her out. He sets up an attack on Alita by Chakram, Gallant, and Vickers, even sacrificing Chakram when his other attempts, such as spreading oil onto the track, fail. After Peshkavus throws himself into the crowd and kills numerous spectators in order to get away from Alita, she is so incensed by this and his foul play that she is penalized when she turns around and goes backwards along the track to kill him with the Hertza Haeon.


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