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Phalanx Afterburner
BAALO04 99 Phalanx Afterburner
Alita countering Gavit's use of Phalanx Afterburner in Phase 22.
Martial art Gadokai
Type Offensive
Users Gavit
Related techniques Phalanx
Debut Phase 22

Phalanx Afterburner (ファランクス アフターバーナー Farankusu Afutābānā?) is a more powerful version of Phalanx that allows the user to throw up to 24,000 punches per minute, a 20 fold increase over Phalanx's 1,200 punches per minute. To execute Phalanx Afterburner, Gavit had to remove his power restraints, allowing him to use the turbines in his back at full power. However he could only sustain the technique for up to ten seconds. Its weakness is that once started, it cannot stop, and if an opponent can close and deliver a strike inside the user's punching radius it cannot be blocked.


  • It is named after the historical phalanx, a military formation employed by the Ancient Greeks, and afterburner, an additional component present on some jet engines, mostly military supersonic aircraft, in reference to the use of the turbines to provide additional power.