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Volume: 2
Chapter 10
Total pages 33
Released 2001
Story Arc Tiphares Arc
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A Song From Long Ago (懐カシイ歌 Natsukashii Uta?) is the tenth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


A sitting Alita with a white puppy.


The force of the plasma dome being held between Alita and Sachumodo pushes the former back and Zwölf notices that Nova II seems happy at Alita's potential demise. He admits that he feels ambivalent - while sad that Alita and his masterpiece, the Imaginos Body, will be defeated, he is also happy to see that Jim Roscoe's talent will be proven. Alita suddenly fires a wave into the plasma dome that overwhelms Sachumodo's electromagnetic field and engulfs him in plasma. Nova II realises that she used the plasma as a medium to fire a Hertza Haeon made of a soliton wave, which he dubs the Karmic Plasma Soliton. Sechs notes that what makes Alita so formidable is that it is difficult to distinguish between which of her actions are calculated and those which are instinctual.

Alita leaps into the air and uses plasma generated from her fingers to slash into Sachumodo's head. However a smaller inner body emerges from the damaged outer body and grasps her in its hands. Alita slashes off both its arms and drives into Sachumodo's chest. Elf and Zwölf are surprised at Alita's ferocity and Sechs recognises that this feral fighting nature is Alita's true nature and her source of strength. A toddler Sachumodo emerges from the second body and gets smashed in turn, leading Sechs to tell Nova II to give up on recovering Jim's brain bio-chip and to also laugh like he normally does, which he obliges. Alita defeats an infant Sachumodo that pops out of the toddler, but stops when a fetus emerges. The fetus cannot recall anything, but hears a song from long ago that it dreams of going back to.

A week later, the civil war is over and peace has returned to Tiphares. At the Dome Park, a memorial has been erected consisting of the crystal-enclosed fetus of Sachumodo atop a stone pedestal. Alita questions the wisdom of this as it could awake and rampage once again, but Marge Mahan responds that the survivors agreed that it is worth the risk. Nola Lafargue explains that the memorial commemorates the struggle that they had gone through as well as the reconciliation between the adults and children as well as what Jim meant and tried to do in their place. She tries to thank Alita, but the latter claims that she did not do anything but fight to stay alive. Despite never knowing she was born, she states that life's grand enigma is both a curse to those who see answers and a blessing to those who take action to keep seeking the truth.

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