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Phase 14
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Volume: 3
Chapter 14
Japanese title ロボットの国の王、そして...
Romanized title Robotto no kuni no ō, soshite...
English title King of the Land of Robots, and...
Total pages 30
Released 2002
Story Arc Ketheres Arc
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King of the Land of Robots, and... is the fourteenth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Aga Mbadi wearing feathered glasses while looking up at the sun


As Alita, Sechs, Deckman 100,& Elf and Zwolf float towards the planet, Alita begins to panic at the likely outcome of them all getting incinerated by the atmosphere. However, she notices a figure in a spacesuit floating towards them and a barrier forms around them all. The figure manages to dissolve the polymer cube around Alita and frees her. She immediately begins to bemoan how she was easily defeated. The man introduces himself as Ping Wu and mentions how they are currently in Robo-Asyl, the robot underworld located underneath Ketheres; when he frees Deckman 100, Alita thanks him for the rescue but Ping Wu states that she owes him more than that. Revealing he hacked the system and was aware of their status traveling to the city, he then takes the box Nova II was carrying and mentions how it must be something of value. He offers to help them find Lou's brain and suggests they use Nova's two brain bio-chips as a form of payment. Alita refuses and states they are dangerous, which Ping Wu brushes off & muses how they could be worth a fortune. Ping Wu turns to Alita and states they are similar and she should not try and act any different; realizing she does in fact need his help, Alita takes one of the chips and states he can have it once they are successful in reviving Lou. Accepting the terms, they shake hands just before the arrival of several robot denizens.

Accusing Ping Wu of treason for saving Alita, one goes to grab her only for Alita to free herself and engage several other robots. Before too much damage is caused, Ping Wu interferes and offers to talk to their leader Landa Nam Nam. As they traverse through the outer walls, Ping Wu explains that the robots here were descendants of ones brought to the city over a century ago. Hearing that both worlds have a symbiotic relationship with the other, Alita is reminded of the one between Tiphares and the Scrapyard. Arriving at the center chamber, Ping Wu addresses Landa when confronted over saving Alita; he reveals that much of their laws and knowledge came from him instead of a robot god as they believed. The two resolve their differences and Ping Wu announces he must leave, as he found a purpose in life away from them. As they leave, Alita criticizes Ping Wu for his words and tone, but he merely acknowledges that she is right about him.

Back inside the station, Aga Mbadi has Nova II's cube dissected and takes possession of his brain bio-chip. Mbadi begins meditating and remarks how all of Nova's knowledge will be his in due time. An assistant arrives and informs Mbadi that the LADDER session is about to begin.

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