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Phase 16
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Volume: 3
Chapter 16
Japanese title 私はこの世界を正しくします
Romanized title Watashi wa kono sekai o tadashiku shimasu
English title I'm Sure We'll Meet Again
Total pages 30
Released 2002
Story Arc Ketheres Arc
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I Will Put This World Right is the sixteenth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Alita raising her right hand into a fist.


Both Fournier and the Jovian delegation immediately object and demand an explanation to this invitation. Aga Mbadi explains that the council is recognizing the Kingdom as per the Treaty of 387; while this goes on, Queen Limeria notes that she seems to caused a disturbance by her presence. Jo Hann explains that it is due to both sides sponsoring their enemies to fight for control of the Martian territory. Yazuiji mentions how the assassin that killed Limeria's father might be within the room also; she insists they did not come for vengeance or to make war, and introduces her bear König to those present; upon it speaking, both sides recognize the voice as being similar to the King. While Fournier ponders if the king transplanted his brain into the bear to escape death, the Jovians silently order the Liberation Front to be contacted. Jo Hann passes it off as mere ventriloquism by the Queen.

After the session ends, both Jo Hann and Zazie note how the time granted to them will help in recapturing the spaceport; Jo Hann reminds her that they must regroup with New Order troops just beyond the Moon. When Mbadi arrives, Jo Hann gets Lumeria's attention, knowing she wanted to meet him in person. As Jo Hann and Zazie depart to prepare their ship, both Mbadi and Limeria observe the Ketheres Aquarium while discussing the future of the Martian government. Mbadi insists that the natural order of birth, growth and death is not needed after the war ends, but König disagrees by arguing both sides in the war (the MRH & the MFB) have had children taken for war and slaughtered due to the actions of LADDER. After Limeria begins reminiscing about the series based about Mbadi's life, the latter admits that some parts were embellished but the sacrifices he endured were the truth. He asks aloud why he told Limeria this when he has told no one before, but the Queen assures him that he must save himself before saving the world. Mbadi bids her farewell and watches the ship depart; he fights himself inwardly for not telling the Queen that her father's death was ordered by him. Mbadi vows to make it right in the end.

As the Royal ship departs, the pilot notices that the right side of the ship feels a bit light. Zazie volunteers to go out into space and investigate; noticing parts of the paneling have been moved, she arms herself with a knife. Alita chastises Ping Wu for not hacking all the sensors when Zazie plunges her knife into the paneling and makes an opening big enough to look inside; as Ping Wu breathes a sigh of relief, Zazie plunges the knife into his right hand and tears the paneling open, noting how she's caught some stowaways on the ship.

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