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Phase 17
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Volume: 3
Chapter 17
Japanese title そして彼らの日が来るとき...
Romanized title Soshite karera no hi ga kuru toki...
English title And When Their Day Comes...
Total pages 30
Released 2002
Story Arc Ketheres Arc
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And When Their Day Comes... is the seventeenth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.




Ping Wu begins to panic as the stab wound from Zazie breached his space suit and is losing oxygen. As he sprays a means to contain the breach, he recognizes Zazie as being a killer and advises to Alita that they surrender; the latter responds that will only get him killed. As he passes out from blood loss, Ping Wu questions if Alita plans to fight her and due to being in a rigid suit, does not think she has a high chance of survival.

As Zazie charges towards Alita, she blocks Alita's view before striking again with her knife. To her shock, Alita managed to deflect it one handed; Alita inwardly thinks that while she has no quarrel with Zazie, it is becoming a fight for survival. Zazie quickly realizes that Alita has trained primarily in an environment with gravity and many of her attacks will not work in Zero-G; Alita recognizes this as well and tries to recall some of her Panzer Kunst training. Remembering that Kunstlers can throw opponents off balance to gain an edge before striking their center of gravity, Alita is able to quickly recover and outmaneuvers Zazie. When prompted, she acknowledges herself as a Kunstler before striking Zazie with a Hertza Haeon attack.

Unfortunately, the attack does nothing and Zazie comments that oscillation attacks have become more commonplace, chiding Alita for claiming to be a Kunstler. She continues targeting the suit and Alita recalls more of her training with Erica and Gelda. Gelda instructs the two girls about two secret Geheimnisse techniques that work in correlation with one another; the Ver Schlag, which produces shockwaves that bounce throughout the body of the target and the Hertza Nadel, that can cause the built up energy to explode. Alita manages to destroy both of Zazie's arms but does not go in for the finishing blow, asking if she has earned the latter's respect.

While Zazie does acknowledge her abilities, she refuses to admit defeat aboard Queen Limeria's ship. Recalling her own past as a Martian killer and soldier before becoming Limeria's caretaker and guardian, she prepares to self-destruct before the Queen floats towards her in her own suit. However, she loses control and begins floating away, but Alita is able to get past Zazie and save her. The Queen asks for Alita's name and she responds that it is Yoko.


  • Alita refers to herself as 'Yoko' for the first time since being reactivated in the original series
  • Panzer Kunst has multiple tiers of move sets and abilities, with Geheimnisse being one of the lesser known.

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