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Phase 18
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Volume: 3
Chapter 18
Japanese title 百年…!
Romanized title Hyaku-nen…!
English title One Hundred Years...!
Total pages 30
Released 2002
Story Arc Leviathan I Arc
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One Hundred Years...! is the eighteenth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


A rear shot of Alita with her hair blowing forward


As the ship docks with Leviathan 1, Alita and Ping Wu are removed from the ship but are invited by Limeira to ask for anything they may require. Ping Wu takes Alita and Deckman 100 with him to run several errands while they are here; traveling to the neutral zone, Ping reconnects with Rem, a former girlfriend of his who works as a medic. They remain frosty with each other and Rem advises Ping to not remain by himself as that is no way to spend life; for old times, she takes both him and Alita to another acquaintance named Martin.

As they arrive, Ping loudly announces himself to Martin and his female guest. Martin expresses surprise to see him and the two warmly greet each other; however, things go sour when Martin notices Ping's left arm and the latter punches him across the face. Ping angrily declares that the reason he has it was due to Martin abandoning him 100 years prior. As they scuffle with each other, Rem grabs a bottle of Martin's wine and reveals her past association with the two men to Alita; both were hackers under the codenames "Weasel" and "Skunk" who managed to break into most every security system they came across. Then, after the war ended, breeding controls were put into place that reversed the aging process for humans and made many hackers like Weasel and Skunk revolt. Due to the actions of an individual known as "Trinidad", their companions were killed off one after the other and during their attempt to take control of LADDER, the three had a falling out, with Ping going to Ketheres by himself.

Ping calls out Rem for bringing up the past and laughs when asked by her if he still is idealistic as before; he is then perplexed when Rem quickly leaves and does not acknowledge him. As Deckman 100 begins repairing Alita, he taps into the Leviathan's power supply and as Martin struggles to free himself, Ping Wu tells 100 to use as much as needed. Later on, Ping and Martin have a moment to reflect on the current situation; it does not take long until both are at each other again and fighting. After awhile, Ping tells Martin that he will be attacking Ketheres again and will likely not return. The next day, Alita is back to full strength due to Deckman 100 and tells Ping she is ready and never been better.

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  • While briefly hinted at earlier, it is revealed that the lifespan of humans was altered due to the introduction of nanomachines and the process of Methuselyzation

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