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Volume: 1
Chapter 2
Japanese title なにが起きたんだ?
Romanized title Nani ga Okitanda?
English title What Happened?
Total pages 33
Released 2001
Story Arc Tiphares Arc
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What Happened? (なにが起きたんだ? Nani ga Okitanda??) is the second chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Yoko in Künstler training gear.


Alita looks at Nova's body

Alita notices Nova's corpse in the lab

A newly awakened Alita is unsure of where she is, but soon recognizes the smell of blood in the air. Cautiously investigating, she finds the corpse of Desty Nova, whose was partially decapitated and disemboweled. She realizes that she could not have been the culprit and that Nova has been dead for several days. Her presence triggers a compartment to open and display the Damascus Blade, but when Alita tries to touch it, it turns out to be a hologram. A recording by Nova then begins to play. He reveals that her brain has been completely repaired and that she is now equipped with the Imaginos Body, which he dubs his masterpiece of nanotechnology. Alita is able to make it change color on Nova's suggestion, picking a scheme that suits her. The body is also revealed to have the same combat abilities as the Berserker Body and can generate plasma. However due to extreme fatigue the Damascus Blade was used as an ingredient for the Imaginos Body. In response to her objection, the recording quickly states that Nova did not interfere with Alita's free will and that things will get interesting before ending.

MIB drone

An MIB drone approaches Alita and three Tipharean teenagers

Alita does not have long to ponder this, as three Tipharean teenagers suddenly burst through a hatch in the ceiling, pursued by a Medical Inspection Bureau killer robot. As Alita moves to protect the youngsters, they remark that she was the cyborg that Jim Roscoe was talking about but are unsure of her capabilities due to her height and gender. The robot determines that Alita is an outsider but hesitates between attacking her and the Tiphareans. In response Alita rips up a section of the floor and kicks it at the robot as a challenge. When it thrusts one of its limbs at her, she appears to have dodged it, but this occurred in her mind, and she is slammed into a wall. However, Alita uses the Hertza Haeon to shatter the limb. In response the robot charges, but again Alita has trouble controlling her body and is physically rammed through the outer wall of Tiphares, managing to grab one of the control wires from the robot's shattered limb to avoid falling. As Alita dangles in space, she recalls a conversation that Erica had with Gelda about how to handle fear and her master's response.






  • The type of killer robot that attacks Alita originally appeared to take away Lou Collins after she saved Alita from AR-2.[1]


  1. Battle 44 - Lou is taken away by the MIB.

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