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Volume: 14
Chapter 20
Total pages 20
Released 2002
Story Arc Leviathan I Arc
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Good Punch! (グッドパンチ! Guddopanchi!?) is the twentieth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Alita performing a backflip.


Payne invades Alita's mind

The spirit of Payne haunts Alita

Alita finds herself lost in an unfamiliar area and calls out to both Sechs and Zazie. Turning around, she spots a figure atop a nearby hill that responds to her pleas. To Alita's shock, it is revealed to be Colonel Payne. Alita protests that she killed him and Payne confirms it; he reveals that although she destroyed his body, his ghost lives on and cannot be destroyed. He grins wickedly and offers himself as a teacher to help guide Alita. The latter responds by trying to punch him but misses and falls down. Getting back up, Alita finds herself in her old body when she was a child; Payne mocks her for being a child that only responds to what is in front of her. While congratulating her for living so long, Payne taunts Alita for trying to overcome her limitations with more training in martial arts and calls her a killer. He offers to show Alita the truth to why she continues to fight but Alita refuses to hear it; she runs away from Payne as numerous aircrafts appear in the sky and bombs start raining down while Payne laughs maniacally.

Alita wakes up from the nightmare and Zazie asks if everything s alright. Asked if they are slaves, Zazie recognizes that she is shaken by what Payne said earlier regarding the children platoons that were slaughtered; she tells Alita to not let Payne's words get to her. Alita sees an apparition of Payne grinning at her in the shadows but disappears before Zazie can see it.

Alita and Zazie gather flags

Alita, Sechs and Zazie resolve to capture all the flags in the chamber

The next day, the three manage to overcome another group of soldiers and capture the flag within the area of the combat chamber. Remarking that it is the twentieth one, matching the number of children in Giraud's platoon, Zazie advises they go back. Alita refuses and asks how many flags are there in the entire chamber. Zazie quickly realizes what Alita plans to do and initially protests the idea; however, she reflects that if the flags are taken, then the children in the other juvenile centers would be spared for two weeks until the flags are replanted. Calling Queen Limeira, Zazie eventually agrees to go but will only accompany Alita for three days. As they depart, Payne's ghost appears and mocks them for trying to prolong the inevitable. He gloats that even the stars burn out eventually and is waiting in anticipation for the day when Alita falls as well.


  • It is revealed that the children in the juvenile facilities are sent out in two week intervals to fight for possessing of the flags within the combat chamber.

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