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Phase 21
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Volume: 14
Chapter 21
Total pages 29
Released 2002
Story Arc Leviathan I Arc
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Let Me Give You Some Advice (アドバイスをさせてください Adobaisu o sa sete kudasai?) is the twenty first chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


An armored Jovian space tank navigates through the Combat Chamber.


Gavit punching tank

Gavit punches a destroyed Jovian tank

A flag is spotted by a Jovian team within a tank; one of the crew notices two life signs nearby. Even though they open fire on the subjects, both are still moving towards the tank. Suddenly, the tank and the inhabitants slowly get crushed due to repeated kicks from outside the tank by a third person. As the individual repeatedly punches the destroyed tank, their two teammates sit next to the flag; when one comments they should conquer the ZOTT, the other expresses patience due to sensing others fighting within the chamber and notes they will more than likely arrive soon to take the flag from them.

In Hobbes City, Ping Wu is asked if he wants to bet on the teams fighting within the chamber for the flags; Ping Wu is shocked to see that the competitors trying to capture them all are Alita and Zazie. He laments that their element of surprise is gone, but realizes that this could actually work in their favor. Inside, a combat helicopter arrives and Zazie receives a call notifying them that in exchange for an interview, they will take them to the final flag; Alita agrees and they hitch a ride. Inside, a reporter named J. Gerambo remarks how their manager revealed she has arrived to take part in the ZOTT and that another potential team awaits them at the final flag; Sechs threatens him with a knife for ignoring him and Zazie freezes up when Gerambo directs a question at her, leading to her almost shooting Sechs for laughing at her. As they approach the flag, Alita tells Sechs to stay behind and provide commentary for the reporters due to his small size while she and Zazie depart.

Gavit powers up

Alita prepares herself for Gavit's attack

Landing on the ground, Zazie fires several bullets at the trio which are deflected by an electromagnetic field; the three introduce themselves as Toji, Hogan and Gavit of the Space Karate Forces. Gavit takes exception to Alita's threat and advances towards her; when she throws a supercharged punch, he is able to absorb it easily. He points to the wreckage of the tank and threatens to do the same to Alita. They begin trading blows and Hogan notes the skill of Alita is higher than expected. When Gerambo begins expressing concern, Sechs merely replies that it is all part of Alita's strategy; however, he does realize that due to Gavit's power, only surprise Panzer Kunst attacks will work on him. Getting frustrated with Alita's attacks, Gavit powers up and begins throwing a volley of punches at her known as the 'Phalanx.'

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  • It is revealed that the confrontation between Alita, Zazie and the Space Karate Forces takes place seven weeks before the start of the ZOTT
  • Due to her response in the helicopter, Zazie could suffer from Scopophobia or a fear of being watched.

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