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Phase 22
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Volume: 14
Chapter 22
Total pages 30
Released 2002
Story Arc Leviathan I Arc
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Did You See That?! (あれ見た!? Are mita! ??) is the twenty second chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Alita falling through the sky


BAALO04 104 Gavit's death

Due to pressure building up in his body, Gavit explodes

As Gavit begins throwing a volley of punches, Alita manages to leap back before she can get struck; she flips towards Zazie, who knocks her away to stop her momentum. Zazie volunteers to take her place, but Alita declines the offer; she tells Gavit that he will have to increase his speed to 400 punches a second if he hopes to strike her. Accepting the challenge, Gavit discards his power limiter and supercharges himself; Toji and Hogan note that while it does increase his power, Gavit's body would get destroyed by the pressure if used for longer than ten seconds.

Both Sechs and Hogan notice that Alita managed to avoid the barrage by hiding near Gavit's chest. Hogan tells Gavit to stop but the latter is countered by a blast from Alita; Toji remarks that she is no ordinary warrior to be able to match such a powerful volley. Gavit's body begins to break down and he is unable to stop throwing punches; as he panics, the pressure eventually builds up and kills Gavit by his body exploding. Jack Gerambo reports on his death and as Hogan flies towards him, Zazie shoots several bullets towards Hogan. He mocks Zazie's attempts and repeats that bullets have no effect on him. He drops several feathers around Zazie which soon become electrically charged and paralyzes her. Charging towards her and intending to slash her apart with his talons, Hogan spots a grenade dropped by Zazie and the blast is able to break her paralysis. Zazie manages to avoid getting her eyes gouged out and belittles Hogan's attacks as not being true karate. Tossing her gun aside, Zazie pulls out another one and opens fire; Hogan is shocked to see it break through his shield and destroys one of his wings; undeterred, he begins winding up for a spin kick but loses a leg to a mine placed nearby. Zazie goes in for the kill but Hogan grabs her and attempts one more attack; this proves unsuccessful and Hogan is killed after getting stabbed through the head with a ceramic knife and shot through the head.

Toji slices through ball

Toji karate chops the destroyed tank

Toji grumbles over losing two members of his team before the Zenith of Things Tournament has even started, but is not deterred. He stands up and walks over to the destroyed tank before demonstrating his power; striking it with a karate chop, the tank is easily cleaved in two. Toji then offers to demonstrate his power further and beckons both Alita and Zazie to fight him at once.

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