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Phase 23
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Volume: 14
Chapter 23
Total pages 30
Released 2002
Story Arc Leviathan I Arc
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Karate Antlion Pit (空手ウスバカゲロウピット!! Karate usubakageroupitto! !?) is the twenty third chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


A closeup of Toji's chest


As Jack Gerambo reveals video footage of Toji destroying a skyscraper with one attack several years prior, Sechs is visibly impressed but remains confident in Alita; remarking how Alita has been able to best enemies much larger than her, Sechs reveals that Panzer Kunst is highly effective in defeating large opponents due to its agile movements and strikes.

Toji overhears this and vows to prove himself to his opponents and the spectators in the helicopter. Letting loose a electromagnetic punch, Alita and Zazie barely manage to get out of the way before the sonic boom from the attack strikes the area and damages the helicopter. Toji remarks that the attack is capable of damaging the workings of a cyborg's inner ear and causing them to become disoriented for a period of time. Launching himself into the air, Toji strikes the ground with a kick, destroying the hill and reducing it into a larger crater. As she flies through the air, Alita prepares to catch the blow but is unable to due to the sonic boom being too strong. Just then, a hand grenade goes off in front of Toji blinding him; Zazie prepares to fire a 20 caliber armor piercing shell which splits apart to strike Toji in multiple places.

Colonel Payne appears and tells Alita to stay down and give up struggling; Alita refuses to give up and vows to fight for as long as possible. Accepting the response, Payne asks if she is powerful enough to defeat an opponent such as Toji; reminding Alita of her past battles, he mocks her for clinging to her affections with humans such as Jashugan and Gelda, when the human race died out a long time ago.

Alita slices Toji

Alita slices Toji's face

As Zazie and Alita both recover, Sechs notes that Toji's manipulation of the air and terrain could prove to be the downfall of both fighters. Toji compliments them both for being among the few to successfully evade his attacks, but reveals that he generated a rain cloud that begins a downpour. When Zazie begins to notice the ground getting loose due to the rain, she turns to see Alita staring up into the cloud above; Toji and Zazie see Alita become collected and generates the Damascus Blade from her left arm and asks for a signal to attack. Put off by the sudden change, Toji nevertheless kicks the ground again and releases another burst of electromagnetic energy; at the same time, Alita charges forward and Zazie fires into the surrounding wave of ground. The combined efforts cause the bullet to strike Toji in the eye, while Alita lets out a primal roar and slices him vertically across the face.


  • This chapter marks the debut appearances in Last Order of several of Alita's foes from the original Battle Angel Alita in her memories:
  • The grenade Zazie uses to distract Toji is reminiscent of a grenade type used by German forces in World War 1 known as Stielhandgranate.
  • The Damascus Blade makes its first official appearance after its destruction at the end of Battle Angel Alita.

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