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Phase 24
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Volume: 14
Chapter 24
Total pages 30
Released 2002
Story Arc Leviathan I Arc
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A Fighting Soul Ablaze Like Fire (ファイティングソウルブレイズライクファイア Faitingusourubureizuraikufaia?) is the twenty fourth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


A close up shot of Alita's left arm sporting the Damascus Blade.


Toji is stunned that Alita managed to slice him in the head and begins to panic when he goes numb and loses his sight. Horrified to see Alita bearing down on him again, Toji is surprised when Alita falls unconscious on his chest. Sensing his opportunity, Toji grabs Alita's limp body.

Zazie gets to her feet and wonders how long she was out; seeing Alita's body laid in front of Toji, she draws her rifle at him, but Toji informs her that Alita fainted and bows, conceding the fight. When asked why not finish Alita off, Toji responds that it is not the warrior's way and would be a great dishonor; Toji chuckles to himself that Alita managed to strike him while unconscious and is truly a fierce warrior despite being so small. After learning that she is a practitioner of Panzer Kunst, Toji hopes they meet again during the Z.O.T Tournament and departs, leaving behind the final flag for Zazie.

Upon arriving at the Leviathan's docking bay, Alita and Zazie decide to go their separate ways; Sechs tries to convince the latter to join them, but Zazie declines. However, she does promise Alita that she will be on the lookout for other Kunstlers and pass on Alita's story. Alita and Sechs observe the ship depart Ketheres, with Alita promising to fulfill her goal of finding Lou.

Deep within Ketheres, Aga Mbadi goes through several surveillance tapes from Leviathan and is shocked to see Alita and Sechs appearing inside the combat chamber. Noting that Zazie from the Martian Kingdom was with the two, Mbadi ponders if they are part of a plot despite Zazie and Queen Limeira already en-route back to Mars; vowing to keep an eye on it, he learns that Alita and Sechs are part of a team that will be participating in the tournament. Noticing Ping Wu as part of the pit crew, Mbadi becomes curious about him and is unable to find more information on his past. Believing they are trying to get Desty Nova back, Mbadi promises to deal with them in due time.


  • Several of the ships departing from Ketheres are named after figures of Arthurian legend or knights that were part of King Arthur's famed Round Table:
    • Percival, a knight originally tasked with finding the mythical Holy Grail
    • Lancelot, a knight known for his bravery and unparalleled swordsmanship
    • Palamedes, a knight who was in conflict with Tristan over the hand of Lady Iseult
    • Ector, the father of Sir Kay and adopted father figure of King Arthur

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