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Volume: 5
Chapter 25
Japanese title ZOTT開催!!
Romanized title Jī Ō Tī Tī Bigin!!
English title Let the Z.O.T.T. Begin!
Total pages 24
Released 2003
Story Arc Guntroll Arc
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Let the Z.O.T.T. Begin! is the twenty-fifth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Alita in a white T-shirt.


The Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament gets underway with an announcement by Aga Mbadi that is broadcast throughout the Onion Frame and seen by Alita and Ping Wu. Sechs unveils a new body, the Fizziroy Body, which is taller than his previous body. It is also a male body, and Sechs tells Elf and Zwölf, who are sporting new outfits in the form of bunny suits, that he does not miss his prior body at all. Deckman 100 is shown to be using a new body configuration as well. Sechs wonders how he could have lost to Alita and tells her that they will resolve things between them after the Z.O.T.T.

During the Preliminaries the Space Angels tear through the three teams facing them in a battle royale, with Sechs using a modified Titan Blade while Elf and Zwölf use their mono-molecular wire. Alita has trouble getting into the battle and fights on autopilot. She recalls Ping reminding her that the Z.O.T.T. is a diversion for them to break into Melchizedek and recover Lou Collins' brain. Nonetheless the Space Angels handily defeat their opponents to advance.

Following the preliminary round, Jack Gerambo reports that both the Space Angels and Space Karate Forces have advanced, but as they are in different blocks, will not face each other again unless they get to the finals. As he goes to interview Alita, Mbadi himself unexpectedly appears and approaches the Space Angels.

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