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Phase 29
Phase 29 cover
Volume: 5
Chapter 29
Japanese title これはすごいいいです!
Romanized title OKore wa sugoi īdesu!
English title This Is Sooo Good!
Total pages 25
Released 2003
Story Arc Guntroll Arc
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This Is Sooo Good! is the twenty-ninth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Elf and Zwölf


As Jack Gerambo gives an update on the first round match between the Space Angels and the Guntroll, he introduces martial art correspondent Hegeor Hopper to provide commentary on the various combat methods and techniques. Hopper informs the audience about Niz's occupation as a railman similar to his father and how he is unexperienced in combat, along with Qu Tsang storming several installations to save children and her artistry of martial arts known as Ahat Mastade. Qu Tsang confronts Elf and Zwölf while Niz goes up against Sechs. Niz comments how Sechs was able to beat Getz but does not have perseverance and proclaims victory for the Guntroll; Sechs stands up and inquires if Niz will tell him what he is missing.

Both the children of the Nursery Society & Alita observe the match, with the specter of Payne commenting how Alita's teammates are strong while she remains cowardly hiding away from battle. Niz launches several supersonic punches but Sechs dodges them and lands several kicks to Niz's helmet. Meanwhile, Elf and Zwölf brandish some emei piercers and Tsang prepares for the two to rush her; everyone is shocked when the two begin knitting a scarf at record speed. Then then quickly wrap it around to try and bind Qu Tsang; they are stunned to see her gone and Tsang uses the scarf against them and disables their spines, effectively rendering them unable to continue. Qu Tsang then calls out to Alita, challenging her to emerge. At the same time, Niz overpowers Sechs and binds him with several mooring cables, slamming him into the ground with a suplex.

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