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Phase 30
Phase 30 cover
Volume: 5
Chapter 30
Japanese title スターに参加する
English title Join the Stars
Total pages 24
Released 2003
Story Arc Guntroll Arc
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Join the Stars is the thirtieth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Jack Gerambo and Hegeor Hopper look on in amazement in the aftermath of Niz suplexing Sechs into the ground.


As the crowd looks on in amazement of the brutality shown by the Guntroll fighters of the Stellar Nursery Society, Niz reflects on his father's words and remarks how he was able to beat Sechs. Jack Gerambo comments that the aftermath has taken out Sechs along with both Elf and Zwölf being disabled courtesy of Qu Tsang; with them down, it leaves Alita as the sole remaining member of the Space Angels able to compete. Qu Tsang internally notes they can't bring in either Saya or Caerula for the Guntroll and both Niz and herself have to persevere and defeat Alita; meanwhile, Deckman 100 assures Alita she can beat them but she remains distraught over the situation and uncertain whether to scratch the match to the Guntroll. As this goes on, Sechs is mentally confronted by an apparition of Alita that mocks him for being inferior to herself in battle. He angrily confronts it, only to notice an apparition of Zazie appear nearby as well; hearing it repeat Zazie's meaning of being a warrior, Sechs angrily comments that the more he thinks about it, the less it makes sense.

Eventually, Niz notices Sechs beginning to stir, along with Alita, Qu Tsang and an excited Jack Gerambo. As Niz implores him to stay down, Sechs reflects how Niz has a reason to fight in the tournament while he himself does not aside from unending combat. He then kicks Niz in the face and bounces around while the latter does not attack in any way. Qu Tsang yells at Niz to stop slacking and finish Sechs off; Niz grabs Sechs and begins to wind up in preparation to launch Sechs into space. He then throws Sechs at supersonic speed but is caught by surprise when several of his mooring cables are looped around his neck. Sechs maneuvers around due to the Interactive Interface cutting several of the cables and aims the Solenoid Quench Gun; yelling at Niz to go to hell, Sechs opens fire at the same time Niz launches several supersonic punches towards him. As the dust clears from the explosion, both combatants have been injured: Sechs destroyed Niz's arms and blasted a hole into his chest, effectively knocking the latter out of the match. However, the blast also destroyed Sechs' right arm and the Solenoid Quench Gun, leaving him in a weakened state.

Alita continues to self-doubt herself, believing herself to be weaker in comparison to both Sechs and Niz; she remembers her past battles and how she did so to reach the point where she could survive on her own; she realizes that fighting for her own sake will be the only way to transcend herself for the first time.


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