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Phase 31
Phase 31 cover
Volume: 5
Chapter 31
Japanese title 'グルグルと

' Guruguru to

English title 'Round and 'Round
Total pages 24
Released 2003
Story Arc Guntroll Arc
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’Round and ’Round is the thirty-first chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Qu Tsang traverses in a circle followed by the children of the Stellar Nursery Society.


As a wounded Niz is brought back to the Guntroll hanger, Saya comforts several of the children and Rio tearfully wishes they would stop fighting. Just then, Caerula Sanguis arrives and when asked where she's been, she coldly dismisses the question.

Qu Tsang defeats Sechs

Qu Tsang defeats Sechs in combat

On the battlefield, a wounded Sechs is confronted by Qu Tsang. When he tries to ambush her with the Titan Blade, Qu Tsang easily avoids it and lands atop the blade. She sidesteps all Sechs' attacks and repeatedly strikes several pressure points and damages him. In the stands, Jack Gerambo wonders what kinds of attacks Qu Tsang is using and Hegeor Hopper replies it is a form of the zero-gravity art known as Bagua Zhang. Sechs is taken back by her ferocity and theorizes that his body only has roughly one more minute before running out of power. He takes the Titan Blade and slices the column he landed against rapidly into pieces. As Qu Tsang avoids them, he tries to ambush her with a Sechster Angriff attack; unfortunately, Qu Tsang anticipated it and hits him with several more palm strikes before finishing him off with a variation of a Spinning Dragon Kick Flip. This damages Sechs to the point where he is ultimately unable to get up and is knocked out of the round, leaving Alita the final member of the Space Angels eligible to compete.

As the children cheer on Qu Tsang, Caerula asks Saya why they entered the Z.O.T.T. When Saya responds it is to win, she mocks her naivety and reveals it is a losing battle: only the seeded teams from Jupiter and Venus have ever won the competition, with them essentially using it as a mock war battle to show off their superiority. She ends with stating all the civilian teams having gotten knocked out early on and they were essentially brought here to die.

Alita arrives in the ZOTT

Alita arrives in the arena to confront Qu Tsang

As the dust settles, Alita approachs Qu Tsang ready to fight. Noticing this, Qu Tsang turns around and begins to comment on her finally arriving; she barely gets a few words out before Alita pounces and overpowers her with several rapid fire movements. She destroys Qu Tsang's right arm and then punches a hole through her midsection while thinking about her means to fight for her own sake.


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