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Phase 32
Phase 32 cover
Volume: 6
Chapter 32
Japanese title 未だに


English title Not Yet
Total pages 24
Released 2003
Story Arc Guntroll Arc
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Not Yet is the thirty-second chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


A recap of Alita punching Qu Tsang through the chest.


As Qu Tsang reels from getting punched through the chest, she realizes that her spine is still attached and she can still move her legs. She tries maneuvering Alita around but the latter supercharges her right arm that is still lodged inside Qu Tsang and the vibration builds up to the point where it bisects her in two. As Alita carries Qu Tsang to a nearby tow robot, the crowd goes wild over the matchup. Hegeor Hopper theorizes if that was a Panzer Kunst move and explains to Jack Gerambo and the audience some of the history behind the martial art; he goes on to mention an ongoing rumor that a master of true Panzer Kunst lived somewhere in the universe. When asked if Alita is that master, Hopper speculates that she would truly be a ferocious opponent if that were the case. Getting back to the fight, they both wonder if the Guntroll have any other fighters left.

Inside the Guntroll hanger, the children begin crying uncontrollably over Qu Tsang getting eliminated and Saya tearfully dons a headband, prepparing to go out into the arena. Caerula Sanguis is asked by an angered Niz if they were truly brought to the tournament to die; she merely responds she did not think they would get eliminated so quickly in the first round. She cruelly mocks Saya for wanting to compete, telling her she needs to stay and look after the children. As Qu Tsang is brought in, she addresses Caerula and apologizes for not being good enough to beat Alita. Caerula gives a harddrive to Qu Tsang, commenting that it's time "for Plan E now." Qu Tsang tells her to not get killed; Caerula merely smirks and flies out of the hanger into the arena to fight. As Aga Mbadi chuckles to himself, Alita and the audience are dumbstruck to see Caerula, an apparent flesh and blood human, competing for the Guntroll. Mbadi informs the chairman that Caerula is not an ordinary human and has no equal in one-on-one combat.

While both Gerambo and Hopper lament over Alita likely defeating Caerula with little effort, Caerula commends Alita over the method she used to beat Qu Tsang; she notes the technique used was not leaked out from the Schneider School and that Alita is at least a 'High Warrior' of Panzer Kunst. She asks Alita if she would like to join the Guntroll team; caught off guard, Alita is then punched through the stomach several times and sent flying backwards. Angered by this, Alita generates plasma from her fingers to try and burn Caerula, but the latter quickly disarms her and mentions her disappointment; she then tells Alita to demonstrate some real techniques to her in combat.

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