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Phase 33
Phase 33 cover
Volume: 6
Chapter 33
English title Not Since That Battle
Total pages 30
Released 2003
Story Arc Guntroll Arc
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Not Since That Battle is the thirty-third chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


A rear shot of Alita with the Damascus Blade generated from both her arms.


Alita and Caerula Sanguis break away and the audience roars in appreciation of the two fighters being evenly matched. Jack Gerambo notices with some surprise that Caerula got a clean hit on Alita and, despite being a cyborg, Alita was temporarily incapacitated by joint locks. Hegeor Hopper notes that gimble locks are effective on both human and robot competitors, reminding him that Qu Tsang used similar attacks. While they feel no pain, locks can temporarily paralyze or even destroy cyborg joints.

Frustrated by herself not taking Caerula seriously, Alita is shocked that she got hit with such force compared to her final bout against Jashugan. She regains her composure and points to Caerula, promising to show her some Panzer Kunst only if she herself gets serious as well. Caerula smiles and looks back to the Guntroll platform, wondering if enough time has passed; at the same time Alita notices the Guntroll ship is gone, Aga Mbadi is surprised to learn the Guntroll ship is fleeing from Ketheres. While the Stellar Nursery Society makes a route towards Mars, Mbadi decides to let them escape for the time being.

Caerula then throws many hidden throwing knives at Alita, before brandishing two blue jian and proclaiming that she slew a Kunstler long ago with them; Alita responds by generating twin Damascus blades from her lower arms and retorts it as an impossible claim. Caerula lunges forward and the two trade blows, while Gerambo, Hopper and the audience continue to marvel at the display. Alita wonders why she is not faster while Mbadi recalls Sanguis' ability to see her enemies movements prior to themselves reacting; he goes on to tell the chairman that Caerula has over seven hundred years of combat experience and uses the environment along with her opponent's abilities against them.

Several of Alita's memories begin to return and she quickly remembers seeing Caerula's sword style before. In a flash of horror, Alita remembers Caerula cutting her down once in the past; before she can do anything, Caerula slices off the top of Alita's head, seemingly killing her.

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