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Phase 34
Phase 34 cover
Volume: 6
Chapter 34
English title Not Since That Battle
Total pages 30
Released 2003
Story Arc Guntroll Arc
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I Believe Them is the thirty-fourth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Caerula Sanguis crosses her two swords in preperation for battle.


Caerula jumps off one of the walls and lands as Alita's head hits the ground; sheathing her two swords, Caerula mutters to herself about now needing to develop a means to escape. At the same time, Aga Mbadi inwardly reflects about her skill and prowess, in regards to how the technique used is inescapable even for a master combatant.

Much to the surprise to Mbadi and the crowd, Alita stands up; perplexed, Caerula hears this and narrowly avoids a punch that destroys the trapped enclosure. Blooodied and getting back to her feet, Caerula increduly asks how Alita is still alive; even Alita is shaken by the exchange, also certain that she had been cut through. While Jack Gerambo and Hegeor Hopper review the footage, Alita theorizes that while she was frozen in place, her will jumped ahead and Caerula sliced through that instead; seperately, Gerambo and Hopper note something similar, that Caerula attacked nothing but air yet acted as if she had indeed cut through Alita.

Before continuing, Alita reveals to Caerula that she was previously known as Yoko and that the Kunstler that Caerula had sliced down in the past was indeed her. Getting over her shock, Caerula does note a resemblance but mentions that the look in Alita's eyes is more human than before and has lived through both joy and sorrow. Drawing her swords again, Caerula promises that she will be victorious and anyone who is able to survive her swords has a destiny that is worth living; Alita generates the Damascus armblades once again, despite her instincts telling her that she is no match for Caerula. As the two lunge towards each other again, Mbadi compliments them both on their combat abilities but smirks over how they both still pale in comparison to the power wielded by him courtesy of LADDER, taking satisfaction in how they will kill each other on his authority.

After an intense struggle, Alita is able to stab Caerula in the chest but notices the latter diverted her sword at the last minute; when asked, Caerula mentions her swords spoke to her that Alita's destiny is one that is worthy of survival. Removing one of her earrings, Caerula hands it to Alita and mentions it will be necessary for her and Ping Wu's plan; she then forces Alita's blade from her chest and falls to the ground, showering Alita with blood. As Alita looks on, she is proclaimed the winner with the Space Angels advancing to round two of the Z.O.T.T.


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