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Phase 35
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Volume: 6
Chapter 35
English title Then I Can Go Home
Total pages 30
Released 2003
Story Arc Starship Cult Arc
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Then I Can Go Home is the thirty-fifth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Aga Mbadi travels to the ZOTT morgue.


Having seen Caerula seemingly be killed during the first round, Aga Mbadi travels to the morgue and notices the technician is not at their workstation. Going deeper into the morgue, he comes across a table with a tag identifying the body under the sheet as Caerula; pulling the sheet off, Mbadi smirks as he sees the body of the technician instead, hollowed out and drained of fluids.

Aboard the Space Angels hanger, Sechs angrily confronts Deckman 100 after it states it is unable to repair his body due to it being too different from Alita and Elf and Zwölf's bodies. Lamenting how he may be forced to pull out after only the first round, a cyber technician named Yani and his assistant Derossi arrive and offer to repair his body on the condition the two be included as tax exempt citizens as part of the commonwealth prize. Sechs agrees and asks if he will be ready for their next match the following day; Yani is confident they will be done if they pull an all night repair job.

Elsewhere, Ping Wu and Alita analyze the earring the latter was given by Caerula. After breaking the encryption code, Ping is shocked to see it contains the lost key to Melchizedek, the Fata Morgana. Chuckling how this will make their task even easier, Ping clarifies how he spent 100 years looking for it in Robo-Asyl. Alita quickly takes it and barters with Ping, altering their plan; for him to borrow it, the Space Angels will keep going until they are eliminated from the Z.O.T.T. Ping is skeptical that they will be able to achieve both goals and pulls out a handset containing the brain bio chip of Desty Nova he received earlier. Known as Porta Nova, it sides with Alita and theorizes that it would be their ace in the hole if things go bad.

The next day, the second round match for the Space Angels takes place against the Starship Cult's team known as the Charisma Magic Troupe. As the Starship Cult brings out Darbhanga as their first competitor, Yani and Derossi begin to finish the process of repairing Sechs. Unfortunately, the implosion process fails and Sech's body begins growing out of control and begins to envelope everything in the hanger. Yani asks Elf and Zwölf to buy them some time to finish the process; the two emerge dressed as Alita, to get some more attention from the crowd (much to Sechs' disdain).

In a different part of Ketheres, Ping informs Alita the match is starting as they begin to infiltrate Melchizedek. When Alita tells herself this will answer many of the questions she has regarding her memories, the spectre of Payne appears again. It gloats how it can see her fear and ponders if the memories are so painful, perhaps they should remain hidden. Alita counters that her memories have always been split in two between her lives as Yoko and Alita; once she can fill in the 200 year gap, she will finally be able to go home. She then begins to float through space towards the onion frame, while thinking of Ido, Kayna, Kaos, Lou, Pam, Nola, Figure, Koyomi, Gelda and Erica.

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