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Phase 37
Phase 37 cover
Volume: 6
Chapter 37
English title Who...Are You?
Total pages 30
Released 2003
Story Arc Starship Cult Arc
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Who...Are You?! is the thirty-seventh chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Alita in her Kunstler suit when she was previously known as Yoko.


As Alita continues to look at the memory, she marvels how the skill utilized is sleek and perfection; however, she is shocked when the Kunstler removes their helmet and it is revealed to be Alita herself back when she went by the name Yoko. She calls out for the vision to come back; Ping gets her attention and reminds her that the route is foreign to him due to not having any maps of the area. He consoles her and does not pry into her past, merely asking if she can follow her memories to get where they are going. Alita thanks him and says she will try.

Alita follows her old self, noticing that it was her final mission as Yoko; watching herself don a servant maid's outfit, she slips past several armed guards and arrives at the Central Core Bloc for Melchizedek. Arriving there in the present, Alita hears a voice call out to her and stops her in her tracks. Ping confirms that the voice is real and in the same area; recognizing the words used between herself and the voice as being the Panzer Kunst code, several stealth soldiers appear behind Alita. She is able to destroy them and is grabbed by another individual; they slip past the attacks and disable the invisibility mode on Alita's suit. The being then comments how it recognizes Alita as the one who beat Caerula in round one of the ZOTT; it also mentions how Alita looks familiar to someone who was known as the worst felon in all of Panzer Kunst history. Alita glares at the being and demands to know their identity.

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