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Phase 38
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Volume: 7
Chapter 38
English title I Am Yoko
Total pages 30
Released 2003
Story Arc Starship Cult Arc
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I Am Yoko is the thirty-eighth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


An image of Alita's face back when she was known as Yoko looking up


Alita is wary seeing another Kunstler despite believing she should be happy; the individual decloaks and removes their helmet, revealing it is one of Alita's former mentors Tzykrow. He is equally surprised to see Alita and the latter reveals she had been revived on Earth fourteen years ago; Alita asks if there are any more Kunstlers and is shocked when Tzykrow harshly berates her as being the last individual any surviving Kunstler would want to see due to her handling of Operation Maulwurf.

Upon further queries, Alita learns that she was tasked with destroying Melchizedek at the Earth Orbital Ring using Program Guinevere; by using it, Alita was responsible for the destruction of five starships and caused the deaths or disappearences of 450 million people. However, Alita was captured due to the actions of Caerula Sanguis and Tzykrow berates her for not self-destructing instead; due to being captured, the Jovian backers of the operation cut ties and it was labelled a Panzer Kunst terrorist attack, resulting in the destruction of the Grünthal and the near eradication of the Kunstlers.

Tzykrow reveals he is now aligned with the HIGH ORDER under the command of Trinidad and dons his helmet; he then goes invisible and strikes Alita several times while she flails around trying to land a hit. He eventually damages Alita's stealth unit while demanding who sent her once again to Melchizedek. Alita has a flashback to her detainment and trial where she was sentenced to Atmospheric drop. After getting jettisoned, Alita lands near Star City and lays dormant for several hundred years before getting discovered by Ido within the Scrapyard.

Debut Appearances[]



  • Grünthal
  • Star City


  • Earth Orbital Alliance Military Tribunal


  • Program Guinevere


  • Program Guinevere continues the theme of medieval names used for Tiphares and Ketheres, with Guinevere being the name of the wife of King Arthur and lover of Lancelot.

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