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Phase 39
Phase 39 cover
Volume: 7
Chapter 39
English title I Am Alita
Total pages 30
Released 2003
Story Arc Starship Cult Arc
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I Am Alita is the thirty-ninth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.




Alita has flashbacks to her early interactions of friends and enemies within the Scrapyard with various individuals before encountering her past self as Yoko; Yoko is despondent over how the world reviles her while everyone cares and adores Alita. Alita consoles her past self and embraces her, saying they are the same and she will never give up on herself no matter who labels her as an enemy.

Getting back to her feet, Alita is once again surrounded by an invisible Tzykrow who continues to taunt her; after landing a blow on her, Tzykrow tries for another but is caught by Alita. She affirms she is both Yoko and Alita before delivering a Hertza Haeon strike and damaging Tzykrow, destroying his stealth unit and evening the playing field. Angrily confused about Alita landing a Hertza Haeon on him despite nullifying it, Tzykrow leaps out of harms way and scoffs at Alita's claim that she will destroy him. The platform gives way and they land on some nearby wiring, with Tzykrow using a stealth attack called Kurz Bombe Kunst that damages Alita's suit from a distance. He leaps towards her and uses several more attacks that damages her suit. Alita manages to outsmart Tzykrow and uses her plasma ability to create a small crack in his armor at the wrist while parrying his strikes; this severs Tzykrow's right hand off and he chastises himself for letting his guard down.

Confident that he can still finish her off with just one arm, Tzykrow lunges towards Alita with another Kurz Bombe Kunst attack; however, he notices that he has lost his chi and becomes fearful when Alita displays several advanced attacks he never taught at the Kammer Gruppe. Alita punches through his left arm and chest with such force that Tzykrow incredulously thinks if it is possible of Alita to be on par with the Meister class of Kunstlers.

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