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Phase 40
Phase 40 cover
Volume: 7
Chapter 40
English title A Tadpole Is A Tadpole
Total pages 30
Released 2003
Story Arc Starship Cult Arc
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A Tadpole Is A Tadpole is the fortieth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


A solid black fill with white static of Alita with her face exposed and a Damascus Blade generated out of her left arm.


The impact of Alita's punch shreds apart the back of Tzykrow's armor; as he expresses outrage, Alita glares at him and grabs his spine, tearing it out of his body. Tzykrow quickly detaches one of his eyes and it explodes in a bright light, blinding Alita; despite this, she destroys his body but laments to Ping Wu that Tzykrow was able to escape.

Hiding underneath a nearby pipe, Tzykrow bewilderedly thinks how Alita has gone from a low level fighter to one that rivals the high order of Kunstlers in terms of power and skill. Regardless, he knows he must inform Trinidad of the development and opens a channel to contact him; suddenly, he loses consciousness and falls through the depths of Melchizedek. Ping anticipated this tactic and fried Tzykrow's circuits believing that he'll be knocked out for days if he is not already dead. Exhausted from the battle, Alita sits down to rest for a moment while Ping and Porta Nova do some prep work in the meantime.

Back in the Z.O.T.T. arena, a loud scream is heard which confuses Jack Gerambo, Hegeor Hopper and the audience. They notice Darbhanga along with Elf and Zwölf who they last saw disappear into the clouds, which have inexplicably disappeared; Darbhanga is suddenly sliced apart and both Elf and Zwölf realize this is their first victory. It is revealed looking at the footage that the entire audience was under mass hypnosis and Darbhanga got caught in a mono molecular wire trap laid down by the two; Gerambo applauds the feat of magic while Hopper calls it an unsatisfying conclusion. As both Elf and Zwölf play around with the cut up remains, the next two entrants appear: Springfoot Jack and his assistant Lily.

Jack proposes that they take a break from fighting and play a game instead. When both girls excitedly agree, Jack produces a Smith and Wesson magnum and says it is a game of luck. After both himself and Lily go, Elf volunteers next and suddenly her head explodes with the gunshot. Zwölf takes Elf's main unit containing her brain biochip and tries to flee, but is stopped by Jack who places her under hypnosis; the clown gleefully states Zwölf will make a fine addition to the Starship Cult.

In the Space Angels hanger, the implosion attempt has failed and Sechs' new body envelopes both Yani and Deckman 100. Yani tells Derossi to finish the process before he gets overtaken. Fearful, Derossi tries to protest but gets to high ground and prays to numerous gods for him to succeed before activating the lever. This causes an enormous explosion which is noticed by both Gerambo and Hopper; the implosion process was completed and Sechs is ecstatic on the sudden power he feels within his new body. Derossi cries in happiness and goes over to Yani while Sechs immediately runs to the arena, only to be reminded by Deckman 100 that he needs his clothes first before entering the arena.

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  • Smith and Wesson 500 magnum


  • Seinerweisen

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