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Phase 41
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Volume: 7
Chapter 41
English title The Greatest Moment of My Life!
Total pages 30
Released 2003
Story Arc Starship Cult Arc
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The Greatest Moment of My Life is the forty-first chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Sechs in his new Super Fizziroy body armed with the Titan Blade with a shark in the background.


As an orphan of the Stellar Nursery Society, a young man named Molonev Menhir pleads for his adopted mother Qu Tsang to let him stay. Upon getting rejected, he works in the factory with his friend Dai until the latter is killed in a work accident. After becoming homeless and joining a street gang, Molonev unexpectedly hears a voice calling out to him and declaring itself to be God; it selects him as a servant but the young man flees in terror. He encounters a dying man dressed as a clown and upon the voice calling out once again, the homeless man is driven insane; he discards his former identity of Molonev Menhir and reinvents himself as a murderous clown known as Springfoot Jack.

Back in the present, Sechs returns to the arena and confiscates the magnum pistol Elf used to shoot herself; feeling the weight, Sechs points it at Springfoot Jack before unloading it into his own head. Grinning, Sechs discards the pistol and claims Jack's game of luck was rigged, swapping the original gun out for one loaded with hollow point shells. Jack inadvertently confirms this and brings out a card table, but Sechs easily kicks it in two and derides Jack for being a loser, wishing to face his captain instead; Jack muses that he is disappointed by Sechs and the Space Angels also for beating the Guntroll and robbing him of the opportunity to see Qu Tsang again.

Growing frustrated, Sechs swings the Titan Blade but he (and the audience) are shocked when Jack uses Lily to deflect the blow before spraying a sticky substance into Sechs' face. He orders Zwölf to contort into a boomerang and throws it at Sechs. Sechs is able to absorb the blow and deflect it while clearing his vision; when Zwölf comes swinging back, he slams her into the ground.

Spotting Jack launch himself in the air to strike Sechs down, the latter is able to throw his voice enough to order Lily to reconstitute herself into flan; stunned by this, Jack tries to negate it but ends up colliding with Lily and killing her. Sechs finishes the attack by kicking the Titan Blade through Jack's head and vertically bisects him; Jack's last thoughts are of this being the best moment of his life before exploding into a shower of confetti and streamers that congratulate Sechs for his victory.

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