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Phase 42
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Volume: 7
Chapter 42
English title Pisses Me Off!
Total pages 30
Released 2003
Story Arc Starship Cult Arc
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Pisses Me Off! is the forty-second chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Sechs and the Interactive interface think of a battle strategy while perched atop the Titan Blade.


Sechs impatiently awaits the next challenger from the Starship Cult; he suddenly hears a strange melody and Jack Gerambo notices it is coming from the Starship Cult hanger. A large group of over 100 women are chanting inside the hanger when a pyramid suddenly rises up from the arena; the women (including several Jovian and Venusian members) flock to the ramp leading towards the summit of the pyramid. Sechs notices a large sarcophagus rise from the top of the pyramid, but is disappointed when a flamboyant young man exits from within. The announcers proclaim it is the leader of the Starship Cult, Whophon, at the same time a judge appears on a monitor ordering his followers to leave. Whophon orders his followers to "go on ahead to the New World" and they all commit suicide by driving daggers through their heads.

Sechs manages to intercept and save one of the women, but is surprised when she continues to try killing herself; he knocks her out and angrily charges Whophon. The man, disappointed with Sechs' hurry to fight, hypnotizes him to run in circles around the woman he saved; Whophon then conjures a hallucination of Sechs' shadow, mocking him for being inferior to Alita. Raging at the specter, Sechs jams the Titan Blade into its head only to realize he ran the blade through himself.

Whophon gets excited and unleashes a massive hypnotic attack on everyone in the audience and arena, causing some to suddenly combust spontaneously. Hegeor Hopper is among the spectators set on fire and both Sechs and Aga Mbadi notice steam beginning to emerge from their bodies, hinting they too with combust soon as well. Mbadi quickly gets into a meditative pose and gets the steam under control; he realizes that sound waves are being used to trigger the eruptions and orders all sound to be blocked from the arena. Suddenly, a man wearing a large cumbersome suit approaches Mbadi and requests his assistance.

In a flashback, it is revealed that during a visit to Luna, Springfoot Jack came across a young boy who he took in and named Moon Child. Hypnotizing him to be a torture subject, Jack soon prepared him and Lily for their debut during one of the Cult's performances. At that time, the boy unleashed a massive hypnotic attack that engulfed the entire Cult while proclaiming himself to be the vessel for Jack's God; when Jack tried to stop him, the boy transformed Jack into a skeleton and took over control of the Cult for his own purposes. He then discarded the name given to him and ordered Jack to call him Whophon.

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