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Phase 43
Phase 43 cover
Volume: 7
Chapter 43
English title My Son of Chaos
Total pages 30
Released 2003
Story Arc Starship Cult Arc
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My Son of Chaos is the forty-third chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


A nighttime shot of the moon over a body of water featuring the likeness of Whophon's mask on it.


In a flashback, Dr. Gordin Ton is interviewed about an incident that occurred when him and his team were performing experiments on the human psyche. When the subject in the experiment, Jetan G, began to suffer from sensory overload upon them going 10,000 hypnotic meters, the scientists began to visualize mass eldritch creatures spawning from the subject and each other. Dr. Ton reveals that they dived too far and unleashed something unspeakable; he concludes the interview by admitting he was the lone survivor of the attack and destroyed the lab in an attempt to kill Jetan G, who managed to somehow escape and resurface as the fearsome Whophon.

Back in the present, as Whophon continues to set people ablaze via spontaneous combustion, Dr. Ton informs Mbadi that the Starship Cult should have been eliminated early on in the contest and now they are suffering because of it; he tries to enlist Mbadi to kill Whophon, but the latter declines due to the protections given to all the Z.O.T.T combatants by LADDER. In the arena, Sechs is unable to get up due to his spinal cord being severed due to Whophon's machinations. Upon realizing his body, despite not having the Solenoid Quench Gun, can attack from a distance, Sechs begins to doubt himself due to always rushing in without a strategy or plan. Right as he is about to combust, Sechs throws a long range punch towards the pyramid; this breaks the illusion and the pyramid disappears, with Sechs having punched through Whophon's chest. The youth bewilderedly asks how Sechs knew where he was; Sechs holds up his left hand, showing that Whophon's reflection gave away his position. Sechs retracts his arm, causing Whophon's body to explode.

The audience cheers as Mbadi believes the threat to be handled; despite this, Dr. Ton says it was a decoy and the real Whophon is still alive. They both turn around to see him standing behind them grinning. As Dr. Ton tries to activate a bomb planted in Whophon's body, the latter unleashes another hypnotic blast that disables Ton. Mbadi strolls past the illusions and snaps Whophon's neck, finally killing him. Dr. Ton goes over to his subject's body and cries over the loss of his greatest work; he then pulls out a small pistol and commits suicide by shooting himself in the head.

After dispatching Whophon, Sechs is surprised to hear the round is not yet over; both Jack Gerambo and Hegeor Hopper realize that due to her surviving the mass suicide, Misha was automatically added to the Starship's roster of fighters and is forced to compete. Sechs inwardly remarks how easy it would be to kill her after the others in the round; despite this, he declines to and hobbles away. The clock runs out and the Space Angels claim a 3-1 victory.

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