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Phase 45
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Volume: 8
Chapter 45
English title Impact Winter
Total pages 30
Released 2003
Story Arc Cognate Arc
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Impact Winter is the forty-fifth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


A shot of the Earth getting struck by several small meteorites.


After a massive solar flare occurred hundreds of years ago, a 14 kilometer wide meteor struck the area around Japan; the planet was also hit by many smaller fragments that had broken off from the main meteor. Due to this, Earth's ozone layer was blown away and the planet's axis was tilted and additionally caused massive tsunami waves. The resulting impact crater from the meteor kicked up dirt and dust into the atmosphere, causing the Earth to gradually freeze over for the next approximately ten years.

A lone man named Victor steps on the ruins of the Statue of Liberty and proclaims he has finally arrived. Noting how the area looks serene and beautiful, he asks his wife if she agrees. His wife Vilma, revealed to be Caerula Sanguis, agrees but misses the lights of the city. They continue on, traveling with several others who search for food. One of them named Morse hears movement and another named Jacco draws two guns, firing into one of the nearby demolished buildings. This draws out a large group of near feral survivors and the quintet easily win the struggle. They are soon revealed to be vampires, as they feast on the dead soon after. Victor proclaims the ruined lands to now belong to his group, the Cognate.

Four years later, Caerula gets ambushed and falls off a cliff. Knocked unconscious, she awakens in a hut by the sound of a guitar being played. The boy who was playing it apologizes for waking her, but Caerula asks for him to continue. She finds out his name is John and was born after the apocalyptic event occurred. John's father Colin checks on her injuries and believes Caerula will be up in no time; he theorizes that she is not an ordinary human due to her rapid recovery. When Caerula threatens him to kill her before she is back at 100%, he brushes the threat aside and states she is a human regardless of her vampiric claims.

As Caerula gradually recovers her strength, she is amazed by the survival bunker and society group living there that Colin helped spearhead; when puzzled by Colin teaching advanced theories to mere children, she is surprised when Colin reveals his belief that the long harsh winter will end at some point and life will return; despite his conviction, Caerula believes life will not retun to how it was before. Upon her being healed, the society debates on whether to let her go back to her comrades. Eventually, it is agreed that an attempt at peace will be made between the society and the Cogante with Caerula as their emmisary. As Caerula prepares to head out into the storm, John begs her to not leave but she assures him she will return and asks John to wait for her.

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