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Phase 46
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Volume: 8
Chapter 46
English title I Believe He Felt the Same
Total pages 30
Released 2003
Story Arc Cognate Arc
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I Believe He Felt the Same is the forty-sixth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Caerula Sanguis is seen in a fighting stance brandishing one of her twin jian swords.


Jacco and Zapolska go on a munitions run and the former is disappointed they were unable to find any food or ammunition. As he lights up a cigar from a pack he found, Jacco notices Zapolska getting excited over some toys for his long deceased daughter. Internally calling Zapolska a fool, Jacco asks him if he would follow him if he was able to usurp the position of leader from Victor. Just then, both are surprised to see Caerula appear from behind them.

This is relayed back to Morse and Victor; Victor refuses to believe it and fights Morse, sending him through a wall. Caerula notices the fight and is able to stop Victor from killing himself with his sword; Victor is stunned and after falling into a chair, rushes over and embraces her.

That night, Caerula informs Victor of how she survived thanks to the humans residing in the Bradley Shelter. Despite harboring a hatred of humans for many centuries, Victor agrees that it would be foolish to kill the last of humanity and agrees to meet with them. Several messages are passed and eventually both sides agree to a meeting within the Bradley Shelter.

As they arrive at the shelter, Colin welcomes the Cognate and Victor thanks him for saving his wife; Caerula notices that Colin appears to be acting uneasy, but dismisses those concerns aside. While being led to the dining area for the meeting, John suddenly appears and leads Caerula away; noticing this, Colin apologizes to Victor for his son's rude behavior and invites them to start the meal while he goes to bring Caerula back. As Zapolska eagerly dives into the meal, Victor senses something amiss and brandishes his sword in front of Jacco and Morse, wordlessly telling them to not participate.

As Caerula tells John that the other members of her group are not to be feared, John begs her to forgive his father for what he has done; meanwhile, Morse smells something unusual as Zapolska slumps over dead in his chair. Victor notices a gas being pumped from beneath and hears something fall from the ceiling. He grabs a molotov cocktail that was dropped into the room and prevents it from exploding. He then roars to Caerula saying that this is the true nature of humans. Caerula demands an explanation from Colin and he replies that he did not make her out to be a liar: he does not fear vampires or demons, but outsiders.

He defends his actions and asks for Caerula to stay with them and be a mother figure for John. At the same time, Victor knew all along that it was a trap and went along so she could see humans the way he does. He then demands she make a choice; either stay with John, Colin and the humans or stay with him.

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