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Phase 47
Phase 47 cover
Volume: 8
Chapter 47
English title Whoever It May Be
Total pages 30
Released 2003
Story Arc Cognate Arc
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Whoever It May Be is the forty-seventh chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Victor Byron poses with his sword.


Jacco rages at Victor for letting Caerula decide if they live or die, but the former brings his sword to the latter's throat. Meanwhile, Keiran begs Caerula to let the humans in the shelter live so they can pass down their history and continue to survive for generations. Saddened at this betrayal of trust, Caerula asks Victor to spare the lives of both John and Keiran; when another survivor tries to threaten her, Caerula easily kills and disarms both him and Keiran. Victor swears to let them live, and Caerula unlocks the chamber doors. Victor grabs Keiran and mocks his efforts to keep humanity alive, but does abide by his wife's wish to spare him; he drags Keiran away and tells John to follow him; before leaving, he gives the order for Jacco and Morse to kill the other survivors.

Trudging through a blizzard, Victor tosses Keiran ahead and John rushes towards his father. Victor approaches John and thanks him for saving his wife from death. As Caerula nervously sees him draw his sword, Victor comments how John's innocence bewitched his wife and ultimately caused her pain and loss; suddenly, Victor brings down his sword and severs John's right arm. Caerula angrily starts to cry and demands to know why; Victor callously remarks that he obeyed her request and John is still alive, only losing an arm. Caerula quickly tears off part of her sleeve and staunches the blood flow as John screams in pain.

A small amount of blood gets on her face and Caerula licks it off; Victor notices this and tells her to not restrain her urges and to enjoy the taste of young blood. Caerula manages to resist and bites her own arm and when Victor tells her to stop, she targets him and bites Victor's neck. As she feasts on Victor, Keiran takes the unconscious body of John and goes off into the blizzard.

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