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Phase 48
Phase 48 cover
Volume: 8
Chapter 48
English title Whoever It May Be
Total pages 30
Released 2003
Story Arc Cognate Arc
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Sweet Dreams of the End is the forty-eighth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Caerula walks with Victor Byron while Morse and Jacco follow from behind.


Roughly fifty years pass and the remaining members of The Cognate take refuge in another ruined city. Caerula asks Victor what they would do if they were the last living things on Earth; after taking some thought, Victor says his curse will then be lifted and he will then be able to rest at last, sleeping amongst the cold and remain frozen together for all time.

Upon reaching another area, Morse goes off hunting for the group and easily kills a large feral survivor. Suddenly, he is shot in the ear with an arrow; tearing the arrow (& his ear out), Morse angrily turns towards the source and a young man notches another arrow towards him. Sometime later, Morse's dead body is brought by the youth to the Cognate's shelter. As the remaining three are shocked that a human was able to kill him, Jacco quickly draws his guns out to shoot the youth; the latter advises against it, revealing he is strapped with numerous sticks of dynamite and holds a grenade. Victor laughs and commends the boy for taking down Morse and ensuring his survival for the moment; upon learning that his name is Farrell, both Victor and Caerula are taken back. The boy, named Arthur, reveals that his grandfather sent him to request to see Caerula. Remembering the last incident with humans, both Victor and Caerula share a worrying glance but she does agree to come with Arthur.

At the Bradley Shelter, Caerula is shocked to see that the elderly bedridden man before her is John Farrell. They both apologize to the other and John asks Caerula to look after his grandson. Calling Arthur to him, John instructs him to restart Merlin, as it is the hope for humanity to survive; John then passes away. Upon exiting the shelter, Arthur bluntly asks Caerula if she will help them and brings up how he is not averse to fighting them if need be. Caerula thinks about it and Arthur notices that their lookout is missing.

Suddenly, Jacco emerges behind a tree with the body of the lookout Otti, having killed him and drank his blood. As Arthur cries out, Jacco insults him and fires a round, but the bullet is deflected by Caerula. Jacco asks her if she will follow him instead of Victor; when Caerula refuses, Jacco insults her and vows to rape her corpse for betraying the Cognate after he kills her.

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