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Phase 49
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Volume: 8
Chapter 48
English title Punch Through the Thick Clouds One Day
Total pages 30
Released 2003
Story Arc Cognate Arc
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Punch Through the Thick Clouds One Day is the forty-ninth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Arthur Farrell aims his bow towards the sky.


As Jacco opens fire at Caerula, she manages to avoid the incoming bullets; she's reminded of how traditionally, the one wielding a sword is at a disadvantage to one with a gun and must avoid any of her vitals being struck. As she advances towards him, Jacco manages to keep in pace and stay just out of reach; however, he manages to step on a loose patch of ice and loses his balance momentarily. Caerula notices this and takes advantage of the opportunity to disarm Jacco; when he pulls out two hidden pistols attached to his wrists, Caerula slices his arms to ribbons and then decapitates Jacco by jamming her sword into the back of his mouth and tearing his head upwards and loose from the neck.

Arthur is stunned by the quickness of the skirmish and rushes to Caerula when he sees her bleeding. She dismisses them as being minor and begins to walk back towards the Cognate's camp; Arthur begs her to stay and reasons that Victor will kill her for killing one of their own; reluctantly, Caerula decides to go back with him. At the Cognate camp, Victor notices that neither Caerula or Jacco have returned, glaring into the fire in front of him.

After the funeral for John Farrell, Caerula stays with the body and reminisces about the past while Haruka plays her flute in memory. The current leader of the shelter, Marcus, draws a gun at Caerula and demands to know why she is here. Even though Arthur defends her and offers to his arm to Caerula to show she is not their enemy, Marcus does not relent until Haruka comes between them. Later that night, Caerula learns from Haruka that she is engaged to Arthur but the latter does not want to get married until the work with Merlin is accomplished. Haruka then excitedly asks Caerula about the moon and the clear night sky, not having seen either before in her life.

The following day, Arthur takes Caerula to where Merlin is located. His friend, Radha, reveals it is a built upon theory and device created by Colin Farrell back in the early 2000's that had predicted the Geo Catastrophe that would come to pass one year later among other possible future outcomes. Afterwards, Arthur admits in private to Caerula that he does not care if it has the ability for premonition, but sees it as a symbol for the future; he hopes that mankind will eventually be able to reach out to the sky and travel through space once again.

Having been inspired by Caerula, Haruka goes out to a nearby forest and begins playing her flute. As she finishes her song, she hears someone clapping nearby. She notices Victor sitting on a log and he compliments her playing, inquiring if it is a song created by her. Although taken back, she mentions how Caerula is worried about him; the mention of his wife causes Victor to stand up and accuse her and the others for bewitching his wife once again. He then lunges towards Haruka and grabs her, tearing her coat off; for playing a fine song, he decides to spare her from death and instead viciously bites her neck, infecting her with the Type V-virus.

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