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Phase 5
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Volume: 1
Chapter 5
Japanese title 認めるかっ!!
Romanized title Mitomeru ka!!
English title No Way!
Total pages 27
Released 2001
Story Arc Tiphares Arc
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No Way! is the fifth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Nova II, Elf and Zwölf, Kimpi and Kimpo, Deckman 100, Sechs.


Nova II introduces Elf and Zwölf as his bodyguards. Sechs vows to defeat the original and attacks Alita with the Titan Blade. Alita is able to dodge her attacks, but is still having problems with the Imaginos Body. Elf and Zwölf observe that her moves are boring, but Nova II counters that the Imaginos is a mechanical marvel and that any problems would have been detected post-assembly. As Pam Mahan and Nola Lafargue watch, the latter wishes that Alita will win as she still wants to learn more from her. While there is a brief lull in the fight, Nova II reveals that after the G.I.B. was destroyed, the remaining TUNED AR Series 2 with the exception of Elf and Zwölf were wiped out by Sechs, who is searching for her meaning of existence in battle. Alita however denies that Sechs is like her and that her loss to Sechs will replace her. Sechs adds that if she defeats Alita then she will have the right to exist as herself. Nova II also reveals that the AR Series 2's solid state brains are the same brain bio-chips that the Tiphareans use, which surprises Alita.

Meanwhile Casey and Jim Roscoe's men are battling it out in the Medical Inspection Bureau Core Block, with Casey using his dumbbells as weapons. The teenagers are overwhelmed by the adults and David Frank cannot hold them off despite being armed with a syringe gun. Jim is still in the process of breaking into the core when he is confronted by Casey and learns that his entire group has been wiped out. Casey uses a switchblade to pin Jim's foot to the floor and is about to cut off his toes to prevent him from escaping, but Jim thwarts him by throwing himself down a gap in the floor.

Nova shield

Alita blocks Sechs' attack by using Nova II as a shield

Sechs begins to use her Sechster Angriff against Alita, slicing off her left arm. Alita however uses her sliced off arm as a weapon to strike Sechs in the head and slam her into the theater seats. She then jumps backwards to the stage, where she finds herself flanked by Elf and Zwölf. They use mono-molecular wire to slice Alita's severed arm into bits and contain her so that Sechs can shoot her with the Solenoid Quench Gun. Despite their interference, Sechs decides to deploy the gun anyway. Nova II however and Alita are both unconcerned at this and Alita rips up a section of the floor with her foot to escape the trap. Sechs fires but misses as Alita begins to tunnel through the floor. She follows Alita, who emerges just behind Nova II and holds him up as a shield to stop Sechs from attacking with the Titan Blade. Sechs asks Nova II if she can kill him since he will resurrect anyway.

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