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Phase 50
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Volume: 9
Chapter 50
English title If Thy Soul
Total pages 30
Released 2003
Story Arc Cognate Arc
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If Thy Soul is the fiftieth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.




After Victor feasts on Haruka, he comments on the freshness of the blood and notices veins beginning to appear on her arm. As Haruka convulses in the snow, Victor laughs and comments that he would be willing to entertain her thoughts of co-existence with the humans if she manages to survive and becomes a V type like himself; he then picks up a broken part of her flute before leaving the woods. Haruka tries to will herself to survive for Arthur's sake and future, but recalls Caerula's words that the survival rate is less than 1 percent and the afflicted become infertile. Weak and exhausted, Haruka crawls to the base of a tree and continues to bleed out while crying out for Arthur.

That night, Radha informs Arthur that Haruka has not returned; Caerula mentions how she went outside to inspire herself with her music and Arthur gathers up a search party. Shortly after reaching the woods, Radha finds Haruka's lifeless body; as Caerula blames the act on her indecision to not return to Victor, Arthur does not immediately respond to the discovery and after a scuffle with Radha asks everyone to leave him. He sits in front of her body and admits that he was not attentive to her needs and desires. Caressing Haruka's forehead, Arthur states that she was the only woman he would have married and the reason he was waiting so long was to prove to himself that he was worthy of her love. Crying out that it was now too late, Arthur hugs her body and screams out into the night. From a hill far away, Caerula vows there is only one thing left for her to do.

The next day, Caerula arrives back to Victor and tells him that Haruka is dead. Dismissing it, Victor merely mentions it was a bit of sport to pass the time before they kill the others in the shelter; spotting Victor's sword some distance away, Caerula affirms her love for Victor before stabbing him through the back with one of her swords.

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