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Phase 51
Phase 51 cover
Volume: 9
Chapter 51
English title Until The Day Of Judgement
Total pages 30
Released 2003
Story Arc Cognate Arc
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Until The Day Of Judgement is the fifty-first chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


A nude Vilma and Victor embrace each other.


Victor begins to chuckle with surprise from Caerula's ambush and quickly turns to face her; he begs to know why, but Caerula merely looks down and says it is time to end their cruel journey together. She goes on to say there was a chance for both the Society and humans to exist together, but he remained the same; Victor retorts they should not be socializing and working with those they prey on for sustenance. He then kneels down and cries over Caerula choosing to side with the humans rather than staying by his side. Though shaken, Caerula vows to follow him in the afterlife by killing herself after she kills him and swings her sword at his head.

Back in the Farrell Shelter, Radha goes to apologize to Arthur for his comments towards Haruka the prior day. Arthur goads him into fighting and both eventually make up after several minutes of punching the other. Arthur admits that he is nervous about the idea of fighting one or both of the surviving vampires and that Haruka would be ashamed of him, revealing his dynamite strategy was a ploy. They are both summoned to the room where signs of Merlin being active are noticed. As he orders the scientists to decipher the message, Arthur reflects back once again to his time with Haruka and begs to be given a sign. With tension and anticipation in the air, the humans are overjoyed to hear the message stating that humanity will survive and travel to space. Arthur relays this to the other survivors who pledge their support to him; Marcus relinquishes the leadership of the shelter to Arthur and the latter assembles a party to hunt down Victor and Caerula.

Caerula noticed that her strike had no effect on Victor, who becomes enraged and cracks the ground to obtain his sword. He demands for Caerula to join him in killing the humans, agreeing to forgive her comments if she does so. Caerula asks where his hatred of humanity originates from and Victor recalls his time during the Crusades when he was captured and hung for his crime of killing many of the enemy soldiers. After his body is dumped in a pit, Victor begs to God for help but gets no response. Forsaking his beliefs, Victor agrees to become a servant of the Devil and hunt down the rest of humanity forever.


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