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Phase 52
Phase 52 cover
Volume: 9
Chapter 52
English title Proud and Independent... That Is
Total pages 30
Released 2003
Story Arc Cognate Arc
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Proud and Independent... That Is is the fifty-second chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Caerula poses with one of her swords in a battle stance.


Victor jams his sword into the ground and raises a Jeep that he throws towards Caerula. It gets tossed back at him and both slice the vehicle to pieces; both combatant's swords strike the engine, which explodes. Caerula uses it as a distraction to strike Victor several times on the back. They trade several blows and Caerula evades a strike, jumping up and perching on a lamppost; she chastises Victor for toying with her, which Victor claims he is just savoring their last moment together.

Caerula recalls their first meeting and confrontation, reflecting how Victor was the one who changed her into caring about someone besides herself for the first time. While she is grateful to Victor for it, Caerula ultimately decides that she must kill him in order for humanity to stand a chance at surviving. During their first confrontation, Victor challenged Caerula to strike him ten times, but she only could muster the strength for nine; she delivers the tenth blow by jamming her sword up through Victor's head via the chin while shooting him. She then uses her sword to bind him and while airborne, she unloads her pistol and the unfired bullets detonate around Victor's head. As the final blow, she strikes the acupuncture point on the nape of Victor's neck.

Unfortunately, Victor survives the attack and he reveals that V Type Mutants can undergo several changes to their bodies when damaged sufficiently; the damage caused by Caerula gave him the ability to generate armored scales across his body that increases his durability. Feeling helpless and afraid for the first time in many decades, Caerula falls to her knees uncertain how to stop him.


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