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Phase 53
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Volume: 9
Chapter 53
English title Last Gift
Total pages 30
Released 2003
Story Arc Cognate Arc
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Last Gift is the fifty-third chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Caerula and Victor atop the St. Louis Archway.


Victor proclaims himself as finishing the job God started with the meteor strike that caused the Geo Catastrophe and that Vilma's faith is misguided by allying with humanity. Both of them notice that the members of the Bradley Shelter have converged nearby to witness their fight; Victor chuckles and applauds how he will not need to track them down now. While Radha notes how Caerula is still fighting for them, Arthur tells two of his followers to each take a group of men and surround the vampires on both sides.

Victor increases the armor in his arms and charges towards Caerula. Some time passes and Caerula is able to weaken the top of the archway and slams her foot down; the section of archway Victor is standing on falls while the rest of the structure begins shuddering. As Caerula hopes Victor died from the fall, members of both groups sent by Arthur ignore the warnings to stay back and rush towards where Victor's body fell to celebrate. Victor recovers and slices them to pieces before striking the archway. The archway then collapses and Caerula rides down it atop one of her swords.

With the survivors surrounding them, Victor mockingly asks Caerula if she has anymore hidden tricks that he is not aware of. Caerula does a serpentine motion along the ground and it causes her sword to coil like a spring; then she thrusts it into Victor's chest and the resulting damage causes her right arm to twist and contort, rendering it useless. Despite the significant damage to his chest from the attack, Victor manages to stab Caerula through the chest.

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