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Phase 54
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Volume: 9
Chapter 54
English title Last Gift
Total pages 30
Released 2003
Story Arc Cognate Arc
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If Thou Shedst Those Tears For Me... is the fifty-fourth chapter of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Victor in his Altered Shock state.


As Victor stabs Caerula and raises her limp body up into the air, he proclaims victory and that no one except him can have her. He then notices a beam of light piercing through the clouds and both him and Caerula are enveloped by it; Victor then screams out in agonizing pain. The Bradley survivors are unsure what it happening and Arthur realizes that it is the Sun. While Victor is doubling over in pain, Caerula awakens and frees herself, taking Victor's sword and jamming it through his earlier chest wound and slamming him into the ground. As the ice around them begins to crack, Caerula becomes weakened by the sun only for both Arthur and Radha to cover her while the other survivors cheer over the Sun being visible for the first time in decades.

As Victor gets weaker and closer to death, he notices Caerula beginning to cry; he says he pities her for humanity will never be able to repay her for killing him. He vows that Caerula must live in solitude and never show weakness or emotion again before finally dying due to sun exposure. At that time, the ice shelf they are on starts cracking apart due to the sudden heat and Victor's corpse sinks underwater. Just then, Caerula is shot through the back by Arthur; she merely tells him to finish her off before getting shot in the chest and also falling underwater. The surviving humans cheer and celebrate Arthur for exterminating the last of the vampires.

Some time later, a group of archeologists stumble across Caerula's corpse inside a mausoleum and one of them angrily curses it. Suddenly, Caerula grabs him and is healed after draining him of fluids; one of the others try to shoot her but is killed as well. As Caerula drinks their blood, she is confused upon seeing her right arm completely healed and reattached to her body. Traveling up a staircase towards the entrance, she is blinded by a flash of light; off in the distance a rocket ship takes off as Caerula looks on.

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